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A Practical Solution for Responding to Your Customers

Often what seems like a very reasonable request for information on your customer's part, may become a reporting nightmare for your staff based on existing systems and reporting tools. While there are a number of industry solutions available to assist manufacturer's with reporting requirements, most require a significant implementation window as well as a considerable investment. Below we've illustrated how SlipStream's Enlighten solves a number of common customer reporting issues.


Customer Scenario I: Single Plant Production Reporting

A manufacturer has been asked by its best customer to provide monthly information on the parts that it supplies.

The Problem:

The manufacturer did not have an automated production reporting system.
They need to start providing the information within the next 30 days.

The Enlighten Solution:

The manufacturer simply had to supply SlipStream with the data points, the type of device the information was coming from and the style of reports that they wanted. SlipStream configures the appropriate OPC server and the database, creates the type of reports desired, delivers the system, installs it and trains them all within 30 days.

Customer Scenario II: Multi-Plant Production Information and KPI's

Multi-Plant Production Information and KPI's A food manufacturer with multiple plants needed to supply production information and quality Key Performance Indicators (KPI's) to a major fast food chain.

The Problem:

The manufacturer did not have the time to pilot a system
They had resource constraints in getting any system implemented.

The Enlighten Solution:

Because SlipStream's Enlighten has been designed to accommodate from one user to hundreds, from one database to many, from one plant to multiple plants world-wide; there is no need to do a traditional, costly pilot program before you rollout the solution to the rest of your plants. SlipStream can configure each plant to report only on the production information and real-time KPI reports that your customer needs. Simply start with our 100 point solution and SlipStream will configure the information, pick the right OPC server and provide the production reports and KPI, rolled-up as needed, within a highly compressed window.

Customer Scenario III: Regulatory Compliance

A food manufacture is a supplier to a publicly traded customer and is subject to the reporting requirements under Sarbanes-Oxley. Their customer asked them to provide production information and store the historical data.

The Problem:
The customer needed them to start reporting in 60 days

The Enlighten Solution:

SlipStream's Enlighten Application Suite was built with the new Federal regulations in mind. Whether you need to track just one customer or your entire plant, Enlighten can get you up and started in less than 60 days. Slipstream's Enlighten reporting product is designed to track and store the necessary production information that your customer and the government will require. In addition, with Enlighten's Analytics Engine, we can also track, store and analyze the necessary data to report on metrics such as Quality and KPI's.

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