RT/RCA: Giving manufacturers the real root cause in real-time

Today there are over 30,000 plant historians installed.  Analysts believe that 95% of all manufacturers have some type of process improvement program in place.

But no one is mining the historical data to tell users the root cause of their manufacturing problems and to allow for exponential improvements within their process programs.

Why is root cause analysis important to your process improvement program?

Every type of process improvement program whether it is six-sigma, lean 5S or TPS has at the heart of its foundation two very important initiatives.; measure and analyze.

  • Measurement involves all variables that have a direct impact on your plant production.  If you are not measuring your plant variables you cannot, analyze.
  • Analysis is the results of measuring your plant information, and should at the cornerstone of your process improvement program to determine root cause analysis for your plant.

RT/RCA analyzes your plant floor data and your plant historian together in real-time to give to your operators the real root cause of your production problems as they occur.  With RT/RCA you can:

  • RT/RCA makes use of any Plant Historian or SQL based database

  • Connects to your plant floor devices with our OPC server

  • Operators will be notified, as the process goes out of spec, not after.

  • Operators will be able to immediately identify the root cause of their production problem and fix it immediately.

  • RT/RCA will allow users to overlay

    • Last run
    • Best run
    • Current run

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