RT/RCA-sim, real-time root cause with built in simulator

Every manufacturer tries to run their equipment at optimal speeds to obtain peak performance.  But depending on your plant and line configuration, running at manufacturer specifications may actually be having a negative impact on your production throughput.

Manufacturers are spending millions of dollars to optimize their production lines before they are commissioned and then they let those lines stay in that same configuration forever.

Why is RT/RCA-sim important to your process improvement program?

RT/RCA-sim is the first ever product that provides a built-in simulator with our industry first real-time root cause analysis software.  RT/RCA-sim provides the following:

  • Built in simulator allows for operators or productions workers to “tune” your production throughput and see the results immediately.

  • With our simulator they can see what will be the projected throughput based on the parameters that they “tune”.  No more guessing what the impact will be.

  • With our real-time root cause analysis software your operators will be able to immediately see if any of those changes impacted the production process.

RT/RCA-sim with its built in simulator allows for your operators to first “tune” your production throughput and then analyzes your plant floor data and your plant historian together in real-time to give to your operators the real root cause of your production problems as they occur.  With RT/RCA-sim you can:

  • RT/RCA-sim makes use of any Plant Historian or SQL based database

  • Connects to your plant floor devices with our OPC server

  • With our built in simulator they can determine throughput changes on a daily or hourly basis if needed.

  • Operators will be notified, as the process goes out of spec, not after.

  • Operators will be able to immediately identify the root cause of their production problem and fix it immediately.

  • RT/RCA-sim will allow users to overlay

    • Last run
    • Best run
    • Current run

Get started today in giving your production throughput the tune up that it needs. Request our free product brochure, RT/RCA-sim built in simulation with real root cause in real-time.

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