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PM Event Analyzer: Giving manufacturers the real root cause to their problems.

Is your manufacturing facility drowning in a sea of historical data? Are you still having problems finding the real reason why problems occur in your plant? PM Event Analyzer can help you find the real root cause in your manufacturing process.

The Challenge today

Customers today are using every automation tool in their arsenal to make incremental improvements in their process. KPI’s and SPC charts are great for tracking data, but when it comes time to tell you exactly why a problem occurred they fall short of the goal. Data Historians have been widely implemented in most manufacturing sectors but the data is not being utilized to give customers real answers to their process problems.

PM Event Analyzer: A new way to look at your plant historian

  • PM Event Analyzer makes use of any plant historian or SQL based system

  • SlipStream’s smart sequencer engine© extracts the tags that are being monitored

  • Smart sequencer© automatically then calculates the modeling relationship and time delay between each associated tag

  • Customers can call up events based on multiple criteria such as by; Break, Event, Process or Frequency

  • PM Event Analyzer will then show the statistical correlation of why your problem occurred.

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To learn how companies like MeadWestvaco are using PM Event Analyzer today to save money and time in finding the right problems in their process download our MeadWestvaco case study

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