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February 9, 2004

SlipStream Software launched, first to provide cost-effective real-time Enterprise
Manufacturing Intelligence for mid-size manufacturers


Atlanta, GA --In a bold move, SlipStream Software stepped up and launched today the first ever real-time Enterprise Manufacturing Intelligence Application Suite focused on mid-size manufacturers. "Without real time information on plant floor operations, manufacturers are working in the dark. Until now, Manufacturing Intelligence applications have helped, but have not been able to scale down to the capital cost and operating expense level needed by Mid Market organizations" notes Jim Heaton, CEO of KVQuest, Ltd., a leading manufacturing consultant. With the advent of SlipStream's Enlighten product line, mid-market manufacturers now have access to new knowledge and new power that will help carry their competitive advantage into the future.

The Enlighten Application Suite is comprised of integrated visualization of key shop-floor activities, reporting and analytic modules. "SlipStream's Enlighten solution breaks new ground in providing a cost effective entry point for mid-size manufacturers,"  says Gary Hopkins, President and CEO of SlipStream. "In the past, the type of high power business tools embedded in Enlighten that offers options for regulatory compliance, customer response and process improvements, was not available to the mid-market at any cost. With an entry point of $495.00 per month per user for a completely integrated and delivered system, we can cut the typical cost for a manufacturer implementing this technology by more than 50%." SlipStream's Enlighten is also designed so that customers can be up and running in less than 45 days, thereby delivering business benefits 30% faster than the competition.

"SlipStream's approach to the market is truly something different. Typically, this type of technology has been prohibitively expensive for the types of mid-size manufacturers who need it. With SlipStream, they should quickly realize affordable operational and ROI benefits," notes Mr. Heaton.

While SlipStream's Enlighten can be launched for just a single user, its reach can extend throughout the enterprise. The Enlighten Application Suite can handle hundreds of users and can be used in worldwide multi-plant situations. Says Hopkins, "Ideally, most manufacturing customers should take the first step by initially collecting a few real-time key performance indicators they can build on. Traditional approaches have not allowed this incremental implementation approach and have been cost prohibitive. With Enlighten, manufacturers can scale implementation at a rate, scope and budget that will deliver the greatest impact and represent the best use of available resources."

For more information about SlipStream's Enlighten's application suite and their charter subscription program, contact Gary Hopkins and get the knowledge to power ahead.

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Based in Atlanta, Georgia, SlipStream closes the knowledge gap for manufacturing by providing executives visibility of key shop-floor activities through a single web-based, information channel. With its Enlighten product suite, SlipStream provides a practical means to solve the real-time regulatory compliance requirements-such as Sarbanes-Oxley, FDA Part 11 and HAACP, and process information needs of mid-sized manufacturers while addressing financial pressures, risk concerns and manpower constraints. SlipStream offers market-leading flexibility through modular design that scales from a single user all the way up to the entire enterprise all while benefiting from subscription-based pricing. These product features allow customers to enhance their information power at the rate, scope and budget that fits their business needs. As part of their commitment to an ongoing value relationship to customers, SlipStream performs periodic post deployment audits to assist customers in maximizing the impact of their enhanced knowledge base. By using proven industry standards, SlipStream Software minimizes disruption to manufacturing activity by seamlessly working with existing systems to extract information without duplicating data. For more information visit


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