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Based in Atlanta, Georgia, SlipStream closes the knowledge gap for manufacturing by providing executives visibility of key shop-floor activities through a single web-based, information channel.

Frequently Asked Questions

What would it take to get started?

To get started with SlipStream's Enlighten solution, customers need to follow an easy three step process to gain the business insight you desire. Simply work with our sales rep to determine:

Step 1: data points you want to capture
Step 2: type of device the information will come from
Step 3: style of reports that you want

A SlipStream Sales Specialist will then contact you with what type of system will best fit you.

What is the typical period of time to be up and running?

A typical system can be up and running in about 30 days.

How many man hours do I have to devote to installation?

That will depend on the size of system that you choose. It is our experience that if the information already exists within your plant controls or HMI system, you will need to devote minimal hours to assist with the installation. Because Enlighten comes with options on how you want your reports to look, you will also need to spend time with our sales specialist to select your reports and KPI?s. Our experience says that a typical installation, including reporting specification, requires less than 40 manhours.

What type of downtime will I experience?

None. Because SlipStream Enlighten is a fully integrated turn-key solution, your plant will not experience any downtime. Our solution sits on top of your plant operations.

Can you add more reports subsequent to the initial installation?

Yes. Additional reports are available at an additional monthly fee. Please contact your SlipStream Sales Specialist for a quote.

Can new users be added remotely?

Yes. We can add additional users to your account remotely. Additional fees may apply so please contact us for details.

What are the training requirements?

Training typically can be done in 1 day. If you require further training for new users or subsequent reporting additions, our sales specialist can work with you to determine how much, who should be trained and cost.

What type of support program do you have?

Because SlipStream is sold on a subscription basis, technical support is built into your monthly price. Support is available M-F 8:30am-5pm EST via email.

Can you link multiple plant sites?

Yes! SlipStream has been designed to give our customers the widest and most flexible solution in the industry. Our Enlighten solution can rollup your multi-plant information to show a consolidated look of all of your plant information and KPI's.

Where is the application hosted?

Most manufacturing customers want their plant information residing at their location. Some manufacturers see the advantage of having SlipStream host our Enlighten solution, either way SlipStream can accommodate your needs.

What advantages does SlipStream bring over internal solutions using Microsoft Tools?

Using Microsoft Tools does not provide you with the power of our Enlighten analytics engine. It also makes it cumbersome for multi-plant rollups. SlipStream's Enlighten provides a fully integrated real-time reporting and analytic solution. No tools can do that.

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