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Based in Atlanta, Georgia, SlipStream Software is the leading provider of process optimization analytical tools. We show our customers exactly why and where a problem occurred

About SlipStream Software

With its Root Cause Analytics product suite, SlipStream provides Manufacturers who are truly focused on process optimization the right tools to understand exactly what has caused their process or production bottlenecks.

These product features allow customers to start seeing production and downtime improvement starting on day 1! Today process manufacturing has become even more complicated and with global pressures to manufacturer at the optimal cost finding every minute and every dollar is even more important. That is why some of the leading Global 1000 manufacturers are using SlipStream Software root cause products to make downtime improvements of as much as 20% on a monthly basis.


Gary Hopkins, President and CEO

Gary Hopkins has been actively involved in the Manufacturing Automation industry for 20 years. Most recently as President of Citect, Americas, Gary was responsible for a business turnaround that resulted in double digit growth of both revenue and profits. Under his leadership, Citect, Americas successfully launched a number of products into the Enterprise Manufacturing Intelligence sector.

During his tenure with Rockwell Automation, Gary was involved with a number of innovative initiatives in the Enterprise Manufacturing Intelligence sector that resulted in market firsts. As VP of Sales and Marketing he led the worldwide effort for Intecolor, a Rockwell Automation subsidiary. He was responsible for the worldwide relationship between Rockwell and IBM which initiated the first ever integration of a Human-Machine Interface (HMI) package with a Manufacturing Execution Software (MES-POMS) package. This floor-to-enterprise solution was instrumental in securing major business within the Pharmaceutical industry with global companies such as Merck and SmithKline. In addition, Gary was responsible for the global launch of DeviceNet, now considered one of the worldwide standards for high-speed device connection.

Gary was one of the original board members for MESA helping to set the foundation for its direction. Currently he serves as a board member for a homeless shelter in Atlanta.

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