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SlipStream software is dedicated to providing manufacturers with new knowledge to solve their manufacturing problems, new power to look deeper into their process and new options that solve problems that can take manufacturers to their next level of process improvement.

Every manufacturer today is striving to make improvement in their process. Competition has never been so global nor as intense as it is today for better product, delivered faster at a cheaper cost. SlipStream Software is focused on providing the analytic tools that give manufacturers the competitive edge that they need.

SlipStream Software introduces first Root Cause application focused on the process industry.

Read our latest press release on
PM Event Analyzer. An application that provides real root cause answers to your process products.

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a Southeast Paper Mill is finding the real root cause to their production problems.

Just getting started?

A recent industry analyst study shows that 90% of all manufacturers are involved in some type of process improvement program, but only 10% were satisfied with their results. Getting started with the right data and KPI’s is crucial to your success. Download our white paper on achieving
Operational Excellence.

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